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About the Author

James Pannafino - Author and Designer
James is a faculty member at Millersville University, Pennsylvania in the Art Department and teaches graphic and interactive design courses. Before teaching at the college level, James worked as both a graphic and interactive designer in the professional field. His research interests include information design, visualization, sequential art, digital narrative forms, and visual storytelling. James has presented at conferences at the following universities: Fordham University, Harvard University, Maryland Institute of College and Art, Penn State University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Alex Kepler - Copy Editor
Alex is a 2009 graduate of Millersville University with a Bachelo's Degree in Art with focus on graphic design. She is a currently a professional designer living in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.

Cathy Kessler, assisted with the final book review.

Below is a list of Millersville students whose projects have appeared in this book. Please note their copy and/or illustrations may have been adjusted to fit in the format and voice of this book.

Student Names
Kate Anderson
Andy Dearstyne
Brie Dohm
Matt Eggsware
Katelyn Harley
Andrew Piroso
Malynda Reinford
Tracie Stambaugh
Christina Troop
Michelle Winey

Chris Bartholomew
Vikmael Diego
Seth Eck
Jessica Gonzalez
Andrea Parissi
Stasia Ries
Kassandra Sease
Ronald Thoman
Amanda Warren
Melanie Wise



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Paperback: 166 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0982634806

Below is a list of a few tasks that are covered in the book:
• Change a Car Tire
• Clean Laundry
• Clean Toilet Bowl
• Cook Pasta
• Dining Etiquette
• Dust and Vacuum
• Iron a Shirt
• Make Bed
• Set a Proper Dinner Table
• Shoot a Basketball
• Throw a Football
• Tie a Tie
... and many more




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