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News and Press

Oct.01.2010: Midwest Book Review reviews Common College Sense and says there are "plenty of tips and dos and don'ts on dealing with the details of adult life."

Oct.01.2010: Bill Barns of UNSHELVED reviews Common College Sense and mentions how "it is both hysterical and brilliantly executed."

Sept.30.2010: Colorado School of Mines library makes Common College Sense Book of the Week.

July.01.2010: Kutztown Univeristy's Unoffical Illustration Blog mentions Common College Sense.

May.11.2010: Common College Sense is featured on Millersville Universities Website's Feature News section.

May.08.2010: writes article on Common College Sense.

Apr.30.2010: Tina Roth Eisenberg of (design blog) tweets that Common College Sense made her smile.

Apr. 10.2010: James will have a table at the MoCCA Book Festival in New York City. He will be at table C28.

Mar. 01.2010: Common College Sense book is available for sale on

Feb. 10.2010: Common College Sense Web site goes live.



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Paperback: 166 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0982634806

Below is a list of a few tasks that are covered in the book:
• Change a Car Tire
• Clean Laundry
• Clean Toilet Bowl
• Cook Pasta
• Dining Etiquette
• Dust and Vacuum
• Iron a Shirt
• Make Bed
• Set a Proper Dinner Table
• Shoot a Basketball
• Throw a Football
• Tie a Tie
... and many more




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