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The author of this book, James Pannafino, is available to present at colleges or for conferences. Presentations can be tailored to an institution, organization, or particular audience as needed. Below are two primary examples of where a presentation can be made. All lectures will use visual imagery/reference and will be presented in a professional but lighthearted manner to keep audience interest. Contact the author for more details and pricing.

General Common College Sense Presentation
This type of presentation covers various common-sense scenarios that college students come across every day inside and outside of the classroom. Visual diagrams from the book and new content will be presented. While educational in context, the presentation will have a slight sense of humor to keep it interesting for the college-student audience.
Examples of events that this presentation would work for:
• Back to Campus Programs
• Classroom or Department Presentations
• College Preparation Programs
• Faculty Convocations
• First Year Experience Programs and New Student Orientations
• Residence Life Programs
• Library Programs and Book Talks


Visual Communications and Instructional Design Presentation
This type of presentation covers the power of visual communications and how instructional design can clarify complex tasks. Gestalt principles, visual/sequential arrangement, and user experience will be covered.
Examples of events that this presentation would work for:
• Places: universities, professional organizations, conventions, corporations, and popular cultural festivals
• Courses on graphic or interactive design, visualization, or user experience
• Visual storytelling/narrative events



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Paperback: 166 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0982634806

Below is a list of a few tasks that are covered in the book:
• Change a Car Tire
• Clean Laundry
• Clean Toilet Bowl
• Cook Pasta
• Dining Etiquette
• Dust and Vacuum
• Iron a Shirt
• Make Bed
• Set a Proper Dinner Table
• Shoot a Basketball
• Throw a Football
• Tie a Tie
... and many more




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